Raising Awareness About Abuse

Relational abuse is when people misuse or coerce others for their own purposes. To some extent we all engage (with varying degrees of awareness) in behaviors intended to control or manipulate others; but when a relationship is characterized by a pattern of abusive behaviors, we consider it an abusive relationship. The two most well known acute forms of relational abuse are Domestic Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse.  Even though these two different types of abuse might seem to have little to do with each other, the dynamic in abusive relationships is the same. By raising awareness about what abuse is we hope to prevent abuse, and help those in abusive relationships to find the help they need as quickly and safely as possible.  That is our vision, raising awareness to prevent and deliver those in oppressive and destructive relationships. Awareness Matters– Mark your Calendar for March 23, 2019 for the Next Awaken Conference!

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