Awaken 2017 was a big success that was only possible because of the generous contributions of the Awaken team members, and the staff and leadership of Real Life On The Palouse.  And now Awaken 2019 is also under our belt and a big success because of the same team, but this time with the help of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pullman, WA (look for videos soon!).  Because all the costs of the speakers, facilities, refreshment, video production, and website and graphic design were covered by volunteer labor, out of pocket costs for this conference were very low.  Going forward we are committed to a sustainable approach that leverages the gifts of our team and community, where possible, but is also able to spend on things that are worth investing in.  As we contemplate upcoming events we will have travel, honoraria, for speakers, venue, and staff costs for the event, marketing and advertising costs to get the word out, and production and maintenance costs for our media assets.   We have urgent needs even now, for our upcoming AIM training.  If you’d like to help cover the cost of this event and/or support our ordinary work please donate here. Thank you!

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Awaken Network is a 501c3 and your donations are eligible for tax deduction.